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Important details


Important things to find out before the visit

Any of the following information will be very useful:

  • Name and address of your GP's surgery including postcode, and which GP you usually see.
  • If you receive any benefits, what benefits you are in receipt of, so that eligibility for an NHS voucher can be assessed. Some benefits sound similar, but in fact are different. Please check this carefully.
  • What medication you are currently taking. Your repeat prescription form is ideal.
  • If possible, please ascertain if there is any family history of glaucoma.
  • Any known allergies e.g. to antibiotics, or to nickel. (Some spectacle frames contain nickel.)
  • If you are using eye drops from the hospital, I would like to see the bottle so that I can record this.

Ideal set-up for a home eye test

(Do not worry if you cannot arrange all these - this is the best possible situation, and I will still be able to examine you if you cannot achieve this.)

  • It should be possible to make the room dark, e.g. by closing the curtains, but the room should also have a good strong light, ideally behind you.
  • There should be as few distractions as possible. I encourage another person e.g. a carer, to be present during the examination, but a room full of people is a distraction, as is the TV, or the phone ringing.
  • I need a flat surface about 3 metres away from you to set up my test chart. Often, the top of the TV is ideal for this.
  • Ideally, two ordinary dining chairs, one for you and one for me. If though, you would prefer to be tested whilst in bed, this is no problem.
  • A flat surface (eg a small table) next to you, for me to put my box of trial lenses on.
  • Hand washing facilities.
  • Adequate time. Please allow one hour for the appointment


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Free NHS eye tests in your home - available in Denbighshire, Conwy, Gwynedd and Ynys Mon.



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